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About Haven Medical Marijuana Dispensary MD

At the helm of Haven Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Maryland sits a board-certified physician in the State of Maryland. Our physician has been a part of a family who has provided medical care to the local community for over 50 years. Our physician feels Haven Cannabis dispensary is a step toward bringing alternative medical approaches to the community while elevating the level of professionalism in the medical marijuana industry that Maryland residents expect. This medical Weed dispensary location will focus on quality education for all staff members, stay up to date on the latest medical cannabis treatment success stories, and create a safe place to receive medical-grade cannabis.

Haven’s board-certified physician has made it his mission to help patients have better access to medical cannabis in a professional and safe manner and, in the fall of 2015, he applied for a license to become a state-regulated dispensary. Later, he was awarded a pre-approval license for a district 27 dispensary in Prince George’s, Charles and Calvert Counties, respectively, and began work with local government agencies and businesses to establish the best location to serve patients in Maryland.


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