Texas Shoreline by Grassroots

Texas Shoreline by Grassroots Texas Shoreline by Grassroots is a legendary strain. Supposedly first appearing in the early 1980s, known as a true “old school skunk.” The Texas Shoreline is rumored to come from the state’s Shoreline amphitheater after the strain made a successful debut there during a Grateful Dead concert. The large buds have […]

Supreme Ruckus by Grassroots

  From what I found online the Supreme Ruckus by Grassroots is a cross of Garlic Cookies and Açaí Berry Gelato. The buds aren’t the prettiest but they make up for it in power and effects. The Supreme Ruckus is caked in trichomes and with a closer look we can see how amazing they look. […]

Funky Charms by Grassroots

The Funky Charms is a cross of Rainbow Chip and Grease Monkey. The buds are tightly packed covered in sticky trichomes. With a variety of greens covered in trichomes these buds sparkle under the light. I even have a single purple bud which was very interesting.  This funky strain has a gassy spicy scent. The […]

Chem De La Chem by Grassroots

  The P Budder by Grassroots is a cross of Chem 91 and 9A95. This Sativa-leaning Hybrid promises a depth of flavors and scents. With a heavy Chemdog appearance, the delicious melon and cantaloupe notes on the back end may come as a surprise. That’s thanks to the 9A95. As it’s broken up, the Chem […]