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Life is complicated. Your bud shouldn’t be.

Legend is good stuff, grown right, at a great price. Our mission is to enhance the everyday by offering products that are both sessionable and affordable – Because when the everyday is fun, it’s also legendary.

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Sweet Talk

When you open your mind to good times, the day’s a little sunnier, the night’s a little cooler, and life gets a whole lot sweeter. Craveable Gummies infused with premium quality cannabis, Sweet Talk gives the goods that are sure to leave a big smile on your face. All gummies are vegan, gluten free, use natural flavorings/coloring, and are strain type specific. Open wide and get a taste of our delicious bites. You Know You Want Some.

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Kings & Queens

Tonight we are royalty. When you’re a king and a queen, the night is yours. Spontaneity is in the cards, full of excitement and liberating opportunities to break free from the every-day routine and from the worries of an uncertain world.

We’re amongst friends. We embrace the potential of the night together, because those are the nights where we create the memories that last a lifetime. Great memories don’t happen when you follow the plan, but rather when you embrace the serendipity.​

Kings & Queens is the ace in your pocket.

Enjoy the night!​

Your Royal Highness​

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