Tackling Insomnia: The Benefits of Marijuana for Sleep

When people ask us “What are the benefits of medical marijuana?” we struggle to give a short answer. Because from helping us fight pain and inflammation to easing anxiety to lessening certain types of seizures, there is so much marijuana can help us with. By far one of the most consistent questions we hear is: […]

What is THC? Possible Benefits and Side Effects of THC Use

When it comes to cannabis, THC is queen (not king, as only female plants develop THC). The molecule, known for being the “active ingredient” in cannabis, has become a worldwide sensation since its discovery. Although many people have heard about THC, they may not know what it is from a scientific and therapeutic perspective. Today, […]

Sour Bobby by Nature’s Heritage

Sour Bobby by Nature’s Heritage Sour Bobby by Natures Heritage was created by crossing Sour Diesel and Tres Dawg. The Sour Bobby’s buds have bright and dark greens with radiant orange pistols with a nice coating of trichomes. This batch of Sour Bobby has 31.05% Cannabinoids with a total of 2.76% terpenes. Sour Bobby features […]

Chem De La Chem by Grassroots

  The P Budder by Grassroots is a cross of Chem 91 and 9A95. This Sativa-leaning Hybrid promises a depth of flavors and scents. With a heavy Chemdog appearance, the delicious melon and cantaloupe notes on the back end may come as a surprise. That’s thanks to the 9A95. As it’s broken up, the Chem […]

Rosin: What Is It, How Is It Made, and How to Use It

Want to experience the cutting edge of cannabis extracts? Rosin is one of the purest, tastiest, and most potent ways to consume cannabis today. Before you take the plunge into this exciting extract though, it’s important to learn a little bit about it. What is Rosin? Originally, the term “rosin” referred to a type of […]

A Full-Spectrum Concentrate: Why You Should Try Live Resin

Ever stop by a Maryland medical cannabis dispensary and see a concentrate labeled “live resin?” You’re curious, but because you don’t know much about the concentrate, you pass it up. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you’ll love this post. Below, we’re going to break down this concentrate’s effects to make that next […]

What Are High CBD Products and When Should You Use Them?

It seems like CBD is everywhere these days. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation, CBD-infused products have graced shelves from your local Maryland medical cannabis dispensary to convenience stores and beyond. CBD’s proponents claim that the compound has a variety of possible benefits. And in particular, some research suggests that high CBD products […]

One Toke Over the Line? Here’s How to Come Down from a High

So you’ve just smoked some flower, taken a dab, or eaten an edible. Now, your heart is racing and your mind is moving a mile a minute. You’re starting to panic, and you think you may have taken too much. First of all, don’t panic. If you’re wondering how to come down from a high, […]

Gator Breath by Strane

Gator Breath’s  genetics come from the popular Jungle Boys mix of Motor Breath and a unique phenotype of Triangle Kush also known as TK Bx1. Its intense, heavy-hitting effects are matched by its intoxicating aroma that brings out the profound gas or diesel-like notes of its Motor Breath ancestor. This batch of Gator Breath has […]

Rose Gold by Culta

Rose Gold by Culta Rose Gold by Culta is a cross of  Pineapple Express and Moonbow #75 from Archive Seed bank. This batch has a total of 19.09%  cannabinoids with .77 terps. The Rose Gold looks like little pine trees covered in a light dusting of snow.  These buds are dense and nice to the […]

Grandpas Stash by Strane

The Grandpas Stash comes from the mix of legendary old school strains 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and a cut of Afghan Kush from the 70s. Grandpa’s Stash has big beautiful buds that range in hues from light green to purple with a low amount of fan leaves.  This batch has 22.87% total cannabinoids […]

White Mac by Strane

  This cross of The White and Miracle alien cookies created this beautiful strain. The White MAC’s tight dense buds are very trichomey. This batch has a total of 30.35% cannabinoids with 3.65% terpenes. Buds are beautiful and covered in tones of green, orange, and frosty. These nugs have a gassy/tangy scent, which made my […]