Nana’s Wedding Cake by ForwardGro

Nana’s Wedding Cake by ForwardGro Nana’s Wedding Cake by ForwardGro is a cross of Wedding Crasher #18 and Banana Punch #9. The dense little buds let off an amazing fruity aroma. You can almost smell the aromas of bananas when you close your eyes. The buds have tones of greens, purples and bright oranges. Let’s take […]

Dark Phantom by Forwardgro

The Dark Phantom by Forwardgro is a cross between Cherry Pie and G.D.P. (Granddaddy Purps). This indica dominant hybrid will make your nose smile. It’s great for evenings when you’re just looking to relax. This batch has 19.35% cannabinoids with 1.93% terpenes. After just a few puffs of the Dark Phantom, I felt relaxed but […]

Tangerine Dream by ForwardGro

Tangerine Dream is a sativa-dominant with unforgettable flavor. Created by Barney’s Farm an Amsterdam-based seed company. The Tangerine Dream is a cross of G13 and Neville’s Haze.Tangerine Dream users tend to feel an instant head rush that leaves the senses tingling. The Tangerine Dream was awarded a Cannabis Cup in 2012, which played a huge […]