Burmese Mimosa by Garcia Hand Picked

Based on my research online the Burmese Mimosa is a cross of Rosè Mimosa and Orange Burmese. This strain has a funky but fruity scent that fills the room when you open the jar. The buds are beautiful green with shiny trichomes. This batch of Burmese Mimosa has 27.48% cannabinoids with a total of 3.17% […]

Hifi by Garcia Hand Picked

  Hifi is a cross of WiFi #43 x High Octane #9. The Hifi is covered in layers of trichomes that shine on top of the green buds and orange pistils. This is a great vibe out, listen to some good music or watch your favorite movie after medicating. This batch of Hifi has 25.14% […]

Caps Frozen Lemons by Garcia Hand Picked

  Garcia Hand Picked (GHP) is a collaboration between the late singer’s family and Holistic Industries. The Caps Frozen Lemons is a cross of Freezer Burn x Lemon Fire. The Caps Frozen Lemons pack’s flavors of sour citrus with a hint of sweet skunk into each and every tasty toke. This strain might blast you […]