A New Chapter Begins: Haven's Journey from Roots to Rebirth

As the sun rises on March 11th, 2024, it doesn’t just herald a new day; it marks the dawning of a transformative chapter in the story of Haven, your trusted cannabis dispensary. With over six enriching years under our belt, we’ve journeyed together through the evolving landscape of cannabis, from medical to recreational, through pandemics and policy changes. And now, we’re thrilled to invite you into our new home at 15300 Crain Hwy, Brandywine, MD 20613, a beacon of progress and community in the heart of Maryland.

Our Journey: A Testament to Resilience and Growth

Haven began as a sanctuary for medical cannabis patients, a place where healing and support were paramount. We’ve been privileged to offer solace and solutions, and your trust has been our guiding star. When the world was enveloped in the uncertainty of COVID-19, we stood steadfast, ensuring that we were able to provide curbside, and the vital medication reached those in need, affirming our commitment to health and well-being.

The winds of change brought a new era in July 2023, as Maryland embraced adult-use recreational cannabis. We welcomed this transition with open arms, expanding our offerings and welcoming a broader community into our Haven family. Through it all, your unwavering support and our shared experiences have shaped our journey, forging bonds that extend far beyond transactions.

Our New Chapter: A Haven Reimagined

Our move to the new location is more than a change of address; it’s a leap towards enhancing your experience and deepening our community roots. This space has been thoughtfully designed to reflect Haven’s ethos—combining comfort with innovation, and tradition with progress. It stands as a testament to our growth, not just in size, but in spirit and ambition.

The Grand Opening: A Moment of Joy and Gratitude

The highlight of our grand opening is a moment that we’ll cherish deeply—the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Dr. Michael Chiaramonte. This act, simple yet profound, symbolizes not just the opening of doors, but the unlocking of possibilities, the flowering of community, and the reaffirmation of our commitment to you. We invite you to join us in this celebration, to share in the joy and to usher in this new era together.

Looking Ahead: A Future Full of Promise

As we step into our new home, we carry with us the lessons, the memories, and the connections that have defined our journey. Our vision for the future is bright, with plans to further enrich our services, engage with our community more deeply, and continue to innovate in ways that enhance your experience and well-being.

Join Us in Celebration

This new chapter is not just Haven’s story; it’s yours too. Your support, feedback, and engagement have been the cornerstones of our growth. We invite you to step into this new chapter with us, to explore what we’ve created for you, and to continue this remarkable journey together.

Join us on March 11th for a day of celebration, connection, and community. Let’s turn the page together and embark on this exciting new chapter in Haven’s story. Welcome home.