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High THC Strains: Why They Maybe be Right For You

Cannabis Marshmallows

With hundreds of cannabis strains and products to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s right for you.  Consumption methods, terpene profiles, and CBD content can all influence how a product will make you feel. But understanding THC potency will help you gauge the level of psychoactive sensation you’ll experience and should be the first thing you consider when making a purchase.

THC may provide a host of benefits and the pain relief that many patients rely on. But high-THC strains aren’t for everyone. This article will explore the reasons why some people choose to medicate with large doses of THC, and if it could be right for you.

What is THC

High THC Strains molecule

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psychoactive component in cannabis that generates the feeling of being high. A product’s THC potency is usually expressed as a percentage. For example, a product with a label reading 15% THC means that THC makes up 15 percent (150 milligrams per gram) of the total cannabis content. Cannabis with over 20 percent THC is considered very strong, or a “high-THC strain.”

The Benefits of THC

Many studies have looked into the THC’s purported health benefits. To date, some studies have shown it can help increase appetite in patients with eating disorders and can act as a neuroprotective for patients with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. There have also been studies that have shown that THC helps relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Studies have shown the THC can stimulate brain cells and even grow new ones. Its an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant that can help reduce the mental and physical signs of stress. It has been a life saver for many with HIV/AIDS, helping them sleep and beat wasting syndrome. Ultimately, though, more studies need to be done to determine the effectiveness of THC as a treatment for a variety of symptoms or conditions.

High THC Strains brain and molecule

Potential Unwanted Effects of High-THC Strains

While high-THC strains are popular, they aren’t for everyone. Everybody reacts a little differently to cannabis, and some people experience adverse side effects with large amounts of THC. The most common side effects that come with large doses of THC are anxiety, paranoia, and short-term memory impairment. Even seasoned cannabis patients can sometimes experience anxiety when they overdo it with a high-THC strain.

The good news is that lower doses of THC are unlikely to bring about anxiety or racing thoughts because THC is known as a biphasic compound. This means that at small doses, THC can be relaxing and sedative, but at high doses, it can have the opposite effect.

Why Choose High THC Strains?

The decision to use large doses of THC is an individual choice based on personal reasons. When beginning any cannabis treatment plan, it’s always advised to start with the lowest effective dose possible. By starting low you can minimize unwanted side effects and reduce the chances of developing a dependency.

Most people find that lower levels of THC are more pleasant and easier to tolerate than higher levels. However, there are many reasons you might choose to medicate with a high-THC strain, and patients with certain types of cancer or severe chronic pain often need much higher doses of THC than others.

Some people find that certain high-THC strains don’t bring about anxiety because of the strain composition. The right balance of terpenes and cannabinoids can provide a pleasant experience for those who feel anxious with other high-THC strains. But the bottom line is not all strains will have the same effect on everyone, so finding out what works for you will take some trial and error.

High THC Strains bud

Fortunately, CBD has been shown to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC while still providing all the therapeutic and medical benefits. Choosing a high-THC strain that also has CBD might be an excellent way to avoid feeling anxious.

Figuring out the right dose of THC can take some experimenting. Just remember that everyone has different body chemistry and cannabis affects us all a little differently. What works for your friend might not be the best choice for you, so don’t get discouraged when starting your cannabis journey.

Need help finding products with the right amount of THC for you? We can help. Stop in or schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable staff today.


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