How to Use RSO: Applications and Uses for Rick Simpson Oil

How to Use RSO: Applications and Uses for Rick Simpson Oil

If you’re familiar with medical cannabis, you may have heard of Rick Simpson Oil before. Rick Simpson Oil, usually shortened to its acronym “RSO,” is a type of cannabis extract. It traces its origins back to Rick Simpson, a Canadian who invented the extract’s recipe. Simpson, a cannabis activist, claims to have successfully treated cancer with it. In this post, we’ll explore this extract and learn how to use RSO.

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

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Simpson invented RSO specifically with health-related applications in mind. A Canadian by birth and engineer by trade, Simpson’s doctor diagnosed him with basal cell skin cancer on his arm. Against his doctor’s orders, Simpson began treating his cancer with medical cannabis. He created his own extract to do so, and in the process stumbled upon the first batch of RSO. Simpson has since asserted that his creation cured his cancer.

According to Simpson’s own website (where he provides information about and recipes for RSO for free), he designed RSO with about 90 percent THC he extracted primarily from indica plants.

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How to Use RSO

You’d think that using cannabis or an extract is a no-brainer. But RSO actually has some nuances that you must understand in order to get the most out of it. Below, we’ll start by covering what you can use it for. Then, we’ll cover how to apply it.

What Conditions Can It Alleviate?

As we mentioned earlier, Rick Simpson himself claims to have used RSO to cure his skin cancer. While it may have a variety of potential effects, its claim to fame is its anti-cancer properties (though they haven’t been proven).

There may be some truth to Simpson’s claim, however. Some data suggests that cannabis could exhibit cancer-killing properties, but the vast majority of the medical community acknowledges that it’s far too early to make the blanket statement that “Rick Simpson oil cures cancer.” Hopefully, more research can prove that point.


One of the best things about Rick Simpson Oil is its versatility. While most extracts limit you to a single consumption method (or two if you’re lucky), Rick Simpson Oil boasts three different delivery techniques.

As with most extracts, you can inhale RSO by smoking or vaporizing it by adding a tiny bit of it to your flower. But that’s not all. You can also consume it orally and apply it topically.

Dosage Regimen

While Rick Simpson created his own dosing guidelines, cannabis use is a personal thing. Cannabis products can affect each of us in various ways depending on our own personal physiology.

As with any cannabis product, we recommend you start low and go slow. Take as low of a dose as possible and wait a few hours to see if you feel any effects. Then you can take more. Slowly work your way up to a dose where you feel your desired effects.

You may want to use a cannabis journal to keep track of your dosing so you can replicate your desire effects.

Cannabis as Medicine

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