Lemon Royale by District Cannabis

Lemon Royale by District Cannabis

Lemon Royale by District Cannabis is a cross of Lemon Tree (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel) and (GMO X (Triangle Kush x Skunk #1). The Buds are fluffy and smell amazing. Layered with furry amber hairs and a thick coating of super tiny bright white crystal trichomes.You can even see some hints of yellows. The Lemon Royale is great for staying alert and focused while medicating. After smoking the Sour Diesel by District Cannabis I was excited to pick up the strain here in Maryland!

When I smoked the Lemon Royale it made me feel amazing and it smelled like Lemons.I was very pleased by the effects I felt. I was super focused after medicating with the Lemon Royale.

If lemon is your favorite flower taste, you will love Lemon Royale by District Cannabis. Producing aromas of Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Lemon, and Spicy. The Lemon Royale is known for its Diesel, Lemon, and Sour flavors. Patients have said they felt a Body High, Energy, Focus, Relaxed, and Uplifting feelings. If you deal with Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, or stress the Lemon Royale may be a strain for you.


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