SuperGlu by Verano

SuperGlu by Verano

his week we’re featuring SuperGlu by Verano. The SuperGlu by Verano is a backcross of gorilla glue #4. This batch has 22.18% total cannabinoid content with 20.9% THCa. A quick look at the Super Glu you will see they have beautiful fluffy buds that are loaded with trichomes.The buds are a mixture of greens tones. When we take a closer look you will see the trichomes are everywhere. Super Glu’s vibe will hit users fast, leaving them possibly immobile and glued to the couch. 


The Super Glu may knock your socks off inexperienced patients, so take it slow and see how it makes you feel. It lets off aroma is a fresh, bold, piney scents like walking into a fresh forest. When smoked you may taste flavors of Chemical, Citrus, or Pine. Patients have said they felt a Focused,  uplifted, pain relief, Relaxed and a sense of overall well being.  If you deal with Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, or Stress Veranos Super Glu may be a strain for you!


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