Dosidos #22 by Culta

Dosidos #22 by Culta is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing GSC and Face Off OG. Named after the sweet cookie taste while accompanied by effects that are just as enjoyable. The dosidos strain is so popular it was named Leafly’s strain of the year for 2021. The dosidos buds are olive green with […]

TOP 10 Strains of 2021

  After 52 weeks @joeycreel picked his favorite ten strains that we featured this year. 10. Chrome Slipper 99 – @kindtreecanna The Chrome Slipper 99 is a hybrid strain created by the cross of Cindy99 and Stardawg. Known for its sweet and sour pineapple citrus flavor. The buds are large and fluffy. They have dark green tones layered with […]

Funky Charms by Grassroots

The Funky Charms is a cross of Rainbow Chip and Grease Monkey. The buds are tightly packed covered in sticky trichomes. With a variety of greens covered in trichomes these buds sparkle under the light. I even have a single purple bud which was very interesting.  This funky strain has a gassy spicy scent. The […]

Burmese Mimosa by Garcia Hand Picked

Based on my research online the Burmese Mimosa is a cross of Rosè Mimosa and Orange Burmese. This strain has a funky but fruity scent that fills the room when you open the jar. The buds are beautiful green with shiny trichomes. This batch of Burmese Mimosa has 27.48% cannabinoids with a total of 3.17% […]

Ghost Candy by Strane

  The Ghost Candy was created by crossing White Runtz and Geist OG. This colorful strain packs a heavy sedative effect great for relaxing after a long day. Ghost Candy has the fuel-like scent that you know from the OG strains. The buds have colors of green, purples, and hints of pink. They are covered […]

Now N’ Laterz by SunMed

   Now N Laterz was created by crossing Zkittlez and Abula. The Now N Laterz produces a vibe that may hit you with energy at first followed by heavy indica effects that could knock you out for a few. It’s a creeper for sure! This batch has 27% cannabinoids with 1.50% Terpenes  I really like […]

White Runtz by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

White Runtz was created by crossing Zkittlez and one of my all time favorites Gelato. The White Runtz is known for it’s snow-like trichome caked buds. This cross creates a very unique terpene profile that can produce amazing effects on both the body and mind. White Runtz buds have spade-shaped dense dark green and purple […]

Afghani by Kind Tree

Afghani by Kind Tree   The Afghani by Kind Tree  is considered an original landrace flower. Native to the Hindu Kush mountain range near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  In this regionCannabis has been used for thousands of years. Afghani is a pure indica known for its sedative and relaxing effects. Afghani has been used to create […]

Ginger Snap by Modern Flower

Ginger Snap is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strain which is then crossed with Triangle Kush. Ginger Snap has the classic flavor with the combination of full-body vibes. The Ginger Snap has been known to have a sweet and cinnamon cookie flavor. This batch of Ginger Snap has 25.38 cannabinoids with […]

Chrome Slipper 99 by Kind Tree

The Chrome Slipper 99 is a hybrid strain created by the cross of Cindy99 and Stardawg. Known for its sweet and sour pineapple citrus flavor. The buds are large and fluffy. They have dark green tones layered with tons of amber crystal trichomes.. This batch of Chrome Slipper 99 has a total of 23.01 cannabinoids […]

Rapper’s Delight by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

Rappers Delight by Cookies is  grown here in Maryland by Culta. From my research online the Rappers Delight is a cross of B Real OG X Sour Jack. The buds have tones of dark greens, purples. The trichomes sparkle like the stars when hit with life. This batch of Rappers Delight has 19.92% cannabinoids and […]

Hifi by Garcia Hand Picked

  Hifi is a cross of WiFi #43 x High Octane #9. The Hifi is covered in layers of trichomes that shine on top of the green buds and orange pistils. This is a great vibe out, listen to some good music or watch your favorite movie after medicating. This batch of Hifi has 25.14% […]