Berniehana Butter by Cookies

Berniehana Butter by Cookies

Berniehana Butter by Cookies


Berniehana Butter was created by Cookies and Dubz Garden. They crossed (Jetfuel gelato and Guava) with (Blue Cookies and Oreoz). This is the first time i’ve have Sunmed grown cookies and buds are amazing! Berniehana Butter was grown here in Maryland by SunMed using a mixed light technique. This method uses the sun as the primary source of light. While other lights are used to fill the void with supplemental lighting but only when necessary. You can see them twinkle under the light. With a closer look we can see all of the trichomes smiling back at us. This batch of Berniehana Butter has 28.59% cannabinoids with a total of 1.6% terpenes.

I’m stoked to have the new Cookies by SunMed at Haven. This weekend was the first time I have tried the Berniehana Butter. I couldn’t wait to get it home and take some photos of the buds. After opening the bag I saw the big chunky nugs looking ready for its photoshoot. The Berniehana Butter nugs are so keify it left a coating on my fingers. On the inhale the first thing I noticed was that it left a sweet candy aftertaste when smoked the Berniehana Butter. 15 minutes after medicating I felt excited and focused. I was able to slip into a super positive mood allowing me to finish some video editing. I personally would recommend the Berniehana Butter for daytime use. If you’re new to cannabis, take it slow and see how it makes you feel.

Other patients who have had the Berniehana Butter said they felt arousal, cerebral, creative, energizing, focused, happy, hungry, relaxed, sociable, and uplifting after medicating. You may experience flavors of berry, buttery, creamy, fruity, grape, sour, spicy and sweet. Berniehana produces aromas of berry, earthy, fruity, pungent, sour, and sweet. If you deal with anxiety, add/adhd, depression, fatigue, fatigue, headaches, inflammation, migraines, nausea, and stress the Berniehana Butter by Cookies may be a strain for you.


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