Doggy bag by Cookies

A Cookies x Snoop Dogg collaboration. This is a collaboration between Cookies and the legendary hip hop artist and stoner Snoop Dogg. The result of this unique partnership is “Doggy Bag,” a strain that’s as distinctive as its creators. Bred by Grandiflora and stemming from the lineage of Project 4516 and Zkittlez #18, Doggy Bag […]

Cookies Corner Announcement

Its Official Haven is the Southern Maryland Cookies Corner Our partnership with Cookies provides a curated selection of official Cookies brand products, renowned for their exceptional genetics, potency, and flavor profiles. Haven is your the southern Maryland dispensary for cannabis enthusiasts seeking authentic and high-quality Cookies products. Cookies is a brand that was founded by rapper […]

Dying Dreaming by Cookies

Dying Dreaming by Cookies Dying Dreaming by Cookies was created by Mad Cow Genetics by crossing Bubblegum and Gelato. Known on the west coast to be a great daytime strain. Dying Dreaming is a collaboration with Cookies and rapper/singer Ozuna.This batch of Dying Dreaming was grown here in Maryland by Sunmed and has 27.62% cannabinoids […]

Hawaiian Rain by Cookies

Hawaiian Rain by Cookies [btx_image image_id=”3217″ link=”/” position=”center”][/btx_image]   Hawaiian Rain by Cookies was created by crossing London Pound Mintz with Jealousy. Cookies Hawaiian Rain is a brand new strain grown indoors here in Maryland by Culta. This combination creates these dense funky beautiful buds.  The Hawaiian Rain is covered in trichomes which shimmer under […]

Berniehana Butter by Cookies

Berniehana Butter by Cookies   Berniehana Butter was created by Cookies and Dubz Garden. They crossed (Jetfuel gelato and Guava) with (Blue Cookies and Oreoz). This is the first time i’ve have Sunmed grown cookies and buds are amazing! Berniehana Butter was grown here in Maryland by SunMed using a mixed light technique. This method […]

TOP 10 Strains of 2021

  After 52 weeks @joeycreel picked his favorite ten strains that we featured this year. 10. Chrome Slipper 99 – @kindtreecanna The Chrome Slipper 99 is a hybrid strain created by the cross of Cindy99 and Stardawg. Known for its sweet and sour pineapple citrus flavor. The buds are large and fluffy. They have dark green tones layered with […]

White Runtz by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

White Runtz was created by crossing Zkittlez and one of my all time favorites Gelato. The White Runtz is known for it’s snow-like trichome caked buds. This cross creates a very unique terpene profile that can produce amazing effects on both the body and mind. White Runtz buds have spade-shaped dense dark green and purple […]

Super Charger by Grandiflora

  Super Charger by Grandiflora genetics is a Cookies Brand from Oakland CA. The Cookies brand is grown here in the state of Maryland by Culta.  Super charger was created by crossing Durban Poison, Thai, Angola Red, Thai, and Purple Thai. Supercharger may give you a boost of energy and create a positive mood. Right […]

Rapper’s Delight by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

Rappers Delight by Cookies is  grown here in Maryland by Culta. From my research online the Rappers Delight is a cross of B Real OG X Sour Jack. The buds have tones of dark greens, purples. The trichomes sparkle like the stars when hit with life. This batch of Rappers Delight has 19.92% cannabinoids and […]

Cheetah Piss by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

  Grown by Culta, This batch of Cheetah Piss is packing 29.2% total cannabinoids with 2.41% terpenes. This strain’s name might deter some, but Cookies Cheetah Piss is likely to attract others from the name alone. Cheetah Piss is a cross of Lemonnade, Gelato 42, and London Poundcake 97. The buds have tones of green […]

Collins Ave by Cookies

  Collins Ave by Cookies was created by Cookies and Seed Junkies Genetic. This batch of Collins Ave was cultivated here in the state of Maryland by Culta. This batch has 26.17% cannabinoids with 1.88% terpenes. Fun fact, the Collins Ave is one of three collaboration cookies strains with the rap artist Rick Ross. Berner […]