Maryland Medical Cannabis Patient FAQs

Maryland Medical Cannabis Patient FAQs

If you’re one of the many people anxious to get signed up as a Maryland medical cannabis patient (but confused by all the rules, processes, and information to take in), you can relax – you’re in good company!

While we have faith in the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s (MMCC) ability to roll out our state’s program in a logical and orderly fashion, it’s a safe bet that—as with any program of this size, scale, and complexity—there will be some hiccups.

For now, the program is somewhat limited. For instance, Maryland has not yet approved edibles. (Although, according to the MMCC, pending enactment of new legislation and regulations, edibles may be included at a later date.) And cannabis’ complicated legal status can put medical marijuana patients in some difficult positions. For example, Maryland law does not prevent employers from testing their employees for cannabis (even those with state-issued ID cards), nor does it prohibit them from taking punitive action based on the results of those tests.

To help you better prepare for the smoothest possible experience as a Maryland medical cannabis patient, we’re collected a few of the most-asked questions about the process. Are you ready?

When Will Medical Cannabis Be Available in Maryland?

The latest word from MMCC is that they’re still working on the infrastructure for a smooth launch and that they’ll announce availability at the “end of summer.” Stay tuned to this blog for updates and the latest news.

What Do I Need to Do to Become a Maryland Medical Cannabis Patient to Get Medical Marijuana?

Follow the four-step process:
1. Prepare to register with Maryland OneStop
2. Register with Maryland OneStop
3. Obtain a recommendation from a clinician
4. Visit a licensed dispensary

You can read about each of these steps in detail in a separate blog, “How to Become a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient in 4 Easy Steps.”

Will MMCC Provide a List of Clinicians Who Provide Marijuana Recommendations?

They will not. For the time being, you’ll have to use third-party sites such as to find approved clinicians.

Will MMCC Provide a List of Licensed Dispensaries?

They will soon! Though no dispensaries are currently listed, check back on this page later in 2017 for the current roster. (At the time of publication, MMCC has issued 102 pre-approvals.)

Will Maryland Recognize Out-of-State Medical Marijuana Cards?

Unfortunately, no. At the moment, Maryland dispensaries are only permitted to sell to those patients with Maryland cannabis ID cards.

Can I Travel with Medical Marijuana?

Yes, but only within the state. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, so (technically) it is illegal to carry or otherwise transport it over state lines.

How Much Cannabis Flower Can a Single Qualifying Patient Possess?

Under current law, no more than 120 grams, which is approximately 4 ounces. The only exception is if a care provider determines that the patient requires more.

Can I Cultivate My Own Medical Cannabis?

No. Under current Maryland law, individuals can not grow marijuana for any use whatsoever.

There are many other questions, of course. We’re going to do our best to post up-to-the-minute information as it becomes available; be sure to check back here often. And check the MMCC’s Patients’ FAQ page for other information that may be of use as we all navigate this great change together!

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