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Sonny G Strain Review

Sonny G by Verano

Cannabis Marshmallows

Sonny G by verano comes from a cross of tangie and an unknown male. The Sonny G is part of the Verano G line. Sonny G is a sativa hybrid strain, with a rich citrus smell. This batch has a total of 23.36% cannabinoids with over 2% terpenes. Its buds have a mix of light and dark green with orange pistils. They are nice to the touch and photograph nicely. This strain has the tangy punch you would hope for. I love just opening the jar and snagging a sniff. It makes the back of my nose tingle in a good way.  When I smoked the Sonny G this weekend I was able to get a bunch of yard work done before it started to get cold again. Sonny G’s effect hit me within seconds after my first hit. I really enjoyed the sweet and tasty flavors. 

The Sonny G produces flavors of Sweet, Sour, Fruity, Earthly, Herbal, with a hint of Fuel. You may experience flavors of Diesel, Fruity, Earthy, and Gassy. Patients have said they felt Energetic, a decrease in pain, inflammation, as well as stress. If you deal with Chronic pain, Depression, Inflammation,  Anxiety or Stress the Sonny G by Verano may be a strain for you. 


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