Bachelor Party by SunMed

BACHELOR PARTY BY SUNMED Bachelor Party by SunMed was created by crossing Mint Chocolate Chip and   Wedding Cake, culminating in a unique experience. This strain possesses a calming influence on both the mind and body, making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a long day or as part of your bachelor party celebration. […]

Violet Fog by SunMed

VIOLET FOG BY SUNMED Violet Fog by SunMed was created by crossing Grape Gasoline and Khalifa Mints strains. Named for its super hazy, heady high and gorgeous appearance, Violet Fog is the perfect choice for any connoisseur of classic indicas. The Violet Fog vibe is the epitome of relaxation, tailor-made for those lazy evenings or […]

Gary Payton x Jealousy by SunMed Growers

GARY PAYTON X JEALOUSY BY SUNMED GROWERS Gary Payton x Jealousy by SunMed Growers was created by crossing to heavy hitting strains. The deep lineage from which this strain emerges imparts a rich heritage that contributes to its remarkable characteristics. Gary Payton x Jealousy buds are beautiful and caked in trichomes and colorful tones. This […]

Grease Bucket by Sunmed

The Grease Bucket by Sunmed Growers The Grease Bucket by SunMed Growers is a delightful combination of Garlic Cookies and Banana Punch. Its visually striking appearance, tantalizing aroma, and unique flavor profile make it a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast seeking a memorable experience.Known for its sticky texture and countless effects. The Grease Bucket […]

Cookies Corner Announcement

Its Official Haven is the Southern Maryland Cookies Corner Our partnership with Cookies provides a curated selection of official Cookies brand products, renowned for their exceptional genetics, potency, and flavor profiles. Haven is your the southern Maryland dispensary for cannabis enthusiasts seeking authentic and high-quality Cookies products. Cookies is a brand that was founded by rapper […]

Strawberry Banana by Sunmed Growers

Strawberry Banana by Sunmed Growers Strawberry Banana by Sunmed Growers, also referred to as “Strawnana,” is an exquisite indica cannabis strain that has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. Developed through the collaborative efforts of DNA Genetics and Serious Seeds, this strain is a genetic fusion of Crockett’s Banana Kush and the delightful “Strawberry” phenotype of […]

Chunky Glory by Sunmed: A Harmonious Blend of Energizing Creativity and Relaxing Bliss

Chunky Glory by Sunmed: A Harmonious Blend of Energizing Creativity and Relaxing Bliss Chunky Glory by SunMed The Chunky Glory by SunMed is the result of crossing two legendary strains: Morning Glory and Chunky Diesel. By combining the best qualities of both parent strains, Chunky Glory offers a unique and well-balanced experience that is sure […]

Watermelon Gelato by Sunmed

WATERMELON GELATO BY SUNMED If you’re looking for a strain that not only delivers a delicious taste but also a powerful high, Watermelon Gelato by Sunmed is definitely worth considering. This hybrid strain is a cross between Watermelon Zkittlez and Gelato 45, two popular strains known for their sweet flavors and potent effects. When you […]


Perfect Cell by sunmed Perfect Cell by SunMed Growers is a cross of Filthy Animal and Cactus Breath. This combination creates a balanced, euphoric experience that is both energetic and relaxing. The buds look fluffy to the eye but they are quite dense to the touch. With a closer look we can see the […]

Berniehana Butter by Cookies

Berniehana Butter by Cookies   Berniehana Butter was created by Cookies and Dubz Garden. They crossed (Jetfuel gelato and Guava) with (Blue Cookies and Oreoz). This is the first time i’ve have Sunmed grown cookies and buds are amazing! Berniehana Butter was grown here in Maryland by SunMed using a mixed light technique. This method […]

Pie Hoe by SunMed

  Pie Hoe by SunMed is a cross of Grape Pie and Tahoe OG. This indica dominant is known for its flavorful taste and long lasting vibes. The Pie Hoe buds are forest green with large orange pistils coated by layers of trichomes. With a closer look you can see these trichomes and how beautiful […]

Mountaintop Mint by 1937

  Mountaintop Mint by 1937 is a cross of The Bling and Mac Mints. Known best for its amazing flavor and enjoyable vibes Mountaintop Mint is a crowd pleaser. These dense colorful buds are beautiful, sticky, and dense. The trichomes range for bright white to amber. These buds are This batch of Mountaintop Mint has […]