Rapper’s Delight by Cookies (Educational Cannabis Review)

Rappers Delight by Cookies is  grown here in Maryland by Culta. From my research online the Rappers Delight is a cross of B Real OG X Sour Jack. The buds have tones of dark greens, purples. The trichomes sparkle like the stars when hit with life. This batch of Rappers Delight has 19.92% cannabinoids and […]

Hifi by Garcia Hand Picked

  Hifi is a cross of WiFi #43 x High Octane #9. The Hifi is covered in layers of trichomes that shine on top of the green buds and orange pistils. This is a great vibe out, listen to some good music or watch your favorite movie after medicating. This batch of Hifi has 25.14% […]

Rosin: What Is It, How Is It Made, and How to Use It

Rosin: What Is It, How Is It Made, and How to Use It Want to experience the cutting edge of cannabis extracts? Rosin is one of the purest, tastiest, and most potent ways to consume cannabis today. Before you take the plunge into this exciting extract though, it’s important to learn a little bit about […]

Dark Phantom by Forwardgro

The Dark Phantom by Forwardgro is a cross between Cherry Pie and G.D.P. (Granddaddy Purps). This indica dominant hybrid will make your nose smile. It’s great for evenings when you’re just looking to relax. This batch has 19.35% cannabinoids with 1.93% terpenes. After just a few puffs of the Dark Phantom, I felt relaxed but […]

A Full-Spectrum Concentrate: Why You Should Try Live Resin

A Full-Spectrum Concentrate: Why You Should Try Live Resin Ever stop by a Maryland medical cannabis dispensary and see a concentrate labeled “live resin?” You’re curious, but because you don’t know much about the concentrate, you pass it up. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you’ll love this post. Below, we’re going to […]

Blueberry Skunk by gLeaf

Blueberry Skunk is a cross of Blueberry and Skunk #1. The large buds are forest green with purple and blue undertones, orange pistols, and a layer of trichomes. Blueberry Skunk has a slight blueberry smell, but this quickly turns into a skunky musky aroma . This batch has 29.19 cannabinoids with a total of 1.04% […]

What Are High CBD Products and When Should You Use Them?

What Are High CBD Products and When Should You Use Them? It seems like CBD is everywhere these days. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp cultivation, CBD-infused products have graced shelves from your local Maryland medical cannabis dispensary to convenience stores and beyond. CBD’s proponents claim that the compound has a variety of possible […]

Gummiez by Strane

Gummiez  is a cross of  Peach Ringz and Jetlatto. These super colorful buds pack a tasty flavor without knocking you out of the zone. The Gummiez delivers mild body vibes while blocking anxiety and stress. You can see the dark purples and oranges with a closer look we can see the trichomes. The Gummiez buds […]

How to Make Cannabutter For Your Own Delicious Marijuana Edibles

Ever wish you could craft your own cannabis-infused baked goods, appetizers, and even entrees? With cannabutter, you can! Cannabutter makes it easy to whip up your own inspired marijuana-infused dishes without having to significantly alter your recipes. The best part? It’s not that hard to make! Learn how to craft your own cannabutter in this […]

Raspberry Do-Si-Do by Modern Flower

Fresh out the bag the Raspberry Do-Si-Do has a berry scent with a musty after tones. The Raspberry Do-Si-Do has dark purple and bright green nugs with bright orange pistils. The yellowish trichomes give the Raspberry Do-Si-Do a golden shimmer. This batch of Raspberry Do-Si-Do has 23.33% Cannabinoids with a total of 1.93% terpenes My […]

Tomahawk by Kind Tree

Tomahawk is a cross of Josey Wales’ Gorilla Glue #4 and Stardawg. The Tomahawk is known for its funky aromas that will fill a room. The buds are fluffy and look like they have been making snow angels the way they’re covered in trichomes. This batch of Tomahawk has a total of 27.51% cannabinoids with […]

Tangerine Dream by ForwardGro

Tangerine Dream is a sativa-dominant with unforgettable flavor. Created by Barney’s Farm an Amsterdam-based seed company. The Tangerine Dream is a cross of G13 and Neville’s Haze.Tangerine Dream users tend to feel an instant head rush that leaves the senses tingling. The Tangerine Dream was awarded a Cannabis Cup in 2012, which played a huge […]