First Class Funk by Harvest

  First Class Funk by Harvest. Named after its heavy redolence aroma, the First Class Funk was created by crossing GMO Cookies with Jet Fuel Gelato. These round light green buds have yellow-orangish hairs and a light coating of tiny milky white crystal trichomes. This batch of First Class Funk has 19.38% cannabinoids with 1.22% […]

Collins Ave by Cookies

  Collins Ave by Cookies was created by Cookies and Seed Junkies Genetic. This batch of Collins Ave was cultivated here in the state of Maryland by Culta. This batch has 26.17% cannabinoids with 1.88% terpenes. Fun fact, the Collins Ave is one of three collaboration cookies strains with the rap artist Rick Ross. Berner […]

Papayas & Bananas by Strane

The Papayas & Bananas by Strane is a cross of Papaya, Banana OG and Dosido. If you’re looking for a tropical treat this strain might be for you. The light green buds have tons of light orange pistols. You can see the Papayas & Bananas are covered in trichomes. With a closer look it looks […]

Scooby Snacks by Culta

Scooby Snacks is a cross of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. The Scooby Snacks is known for its uplifting euphoric effect that smacks you in the face. You may feel this uplifted feeling while your mind and body slowly fall into a dazy of relaxation. Be careful as the body vibe, you […]

Sitting Bull by HMS

The Sitting Bull is a cross of Glass Slipper X StarDawg.  Don’t plan for an eventful time after medicating this strain may have you stuck. Sitting Bull’s name stays true to its effects. For patients who are new to cannabis you may want to take a hit and see how it makes you feel. For the […]

Kush Mountain “Mini Buds” by Rythm

The Kush Mountains is a cross of White Walker OG and Blue Flame. Kush Mountains has a scent of diesel with a hint of candy and roses. The forest green nugs with lots of amber hairs and a thin coating of golden amber crystal trichomes. These mini buds are definitely tiny. This batch of Kush […]

Gelato by Verano

The Gelato is a cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato is known for its delicious flavor and hugely powerful effects. These beautiful buds are dense, yet soft and fluffy caked in trichomes. With a closer look you can see the trichomes are everywhere. Bright orange pistils stand out against forest […]

Jack Herer by Harvest

  The Jack Herer by Harvest is ideal for daytime activities. This is a great strain for creativity and brainstorming. Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-90s by the Sensi Seeds company. The Jack Herer is a cross of Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. Jack Herer has a unique smell […]

Maui Waui by Harvest

Maui Waui by Harvest is a sativa dominant strain. Maui Waui originated as an outdoor grow on the island of Maui and almost immediately spread to all the Hawaiian Islands. The strain offers a high-end euphoria along with pineapple flavors that allow your mind to drift away to creative spaces. When Maui Waui was bred […]

SuperGlu by Verano

his week we’re featuring SuperGlu by Verano. The SuperGlu by Verano is a backcross of gorilla glue #4. This batch has 22.18% total cannabinoid content with 20.9% THCa. A quick look at the Super Glu you will see they have beautiful fluffy buds that are loaded with trichomes.The buds are a mixture of greens tones. […]