Cherry Chocolate Widow by Grow West

From my research online Cherry Chocolate Widow by Grow West was created by crossing (Chemdawg 91 x White Widow) and Chocolate Lava. This is an untrimmed batch, I trimmed a few of the small sugar leaves before filming to make them photo ready. I uncovered a beautiful batch of flowers covered in trichomes. The Cherry […]

Moon Boots by Verano

Moon Boots by Verano is a funky power strain. Moon Boots is a cross of White Tahoe Cookies and MoonBow. The buds are super dense and shaped like little christmas trees. The dark tons of purples and greens sparkle with little trichomes under the light. This batch of MoonBoots has 31.08% cannabinoids with a total […]

Supreme Ruckus by Grassroots

  From what I found online the Supreme Ruckus by Grassroots is a cross of Garlic Cookies and Açaí Berry Gelato. The buds aren’t the prettiest but they make up for it in power and effects. The Supreme Ruckus is caked in trichomes and with a closer look we can see how amazing they look. […]

The Beavs by SunMed

  The Beavs by SunMed is a mysterious strain. After a week of digging I wasn’t able to find any information about The Beavs strain online. I reached out to SunMed and was told the genetic information would be released soon. What I can tell you about The Beavs, it has very buds that are […]

Petro Chem by Culta

  Petro Chem by Culta was created by crossing the Original Glue (Gorilla Glue #4) and MoonBow strains. Known for its flavorful taste and potent effects. These fluffy trichome covered buds look like something from a high times cover. With a closer look at these buds you can see how many layers of trichomes. This […]

Miami Heat by Grow West

  Named after the NBA basketball team. The Miami Heat by Grow West  is a sativa dominant strain created by crossing Miami Haze and Triple OG. Known for its motivating effects the Miami Heat may take you on an adventure. These dense large buds have beautiful colors of greens, purples and yellows. You can see […]

Candy Cream by Culta

  Candy Cream by Culta is an indica dominant cross Ice Cream Cake x Dayglow, bred by @threesgeneticreserve.) The Candy Cream is known for its sweet tastes and aromas of candy, caramel with a hint of earthy. Candy Cream produces relaxing effects which could help calm both mind and body. These buds are Beautiful with […]

Duct Tape by 1937

  Duct Tape by 1937 is a cross of Original Glue (also known as GG4) and Do-Si-Dos. This combo creates a sweet and flavorful inhale followed by a heavy fuel exhale that could make anyone cough. The Duct Tape buds have colors of purples and greens. Duct tape’s fiery orangish pistils stick out along with […]

G- Nana by Verano

G-Nana by Verano was created by crossing G6 “JetFuel” and Strawberry Banana. This is part of veranos G-line.  This strain has a sweet scent and flavorful exhales. The G-Nana buds are colorful and caked with golden trichomes. These beautiful buds have a fruity fuel scent that may fills the room when you open it. This […]

Tangie Burn OG by Kind Tree

Tangie Burn OG is a Tangie and an unknown hybrid strain. This strain is known for its spicy citrus flavor. The tangie burn og buds are beautiful with bright orange pistols that almost look like they glow in the dark. The trichomes sparkle like snow on a snowy day. This batch has 29.1% cannabinoids with […]

Dosidos #22 by Culta

Dosidos #22 by Culta is an indica dominant hybrid created by crossing GSC and Face Off OG. Named after the sweet cookie taste while accompanied by effects that are just as enjoyable. The dosidos strain is so popular it was named Leafly’s strain of the year for 2021. The dosidos buds are olive green with […]

TOP 10 Strains of 2021

  After 52 weeks @joeycreel picked his favorite ten strains that we featured this year. 10. Chrome Slipper 99 – @kindtreecanna The Chrome Slipper 99 is a hybrid strain created by the cross of Cindy99 and Stardawg. Known for its sweet and sour pineapple citrus flavor. The buds are large and fluffy. They have dark green tones layered with […]