How to Become a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient in 4 Easy Steps

How to Become a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient in 4 Easy Steps

We’re at such an immensely exciting frontier when it comes to cannabis medicine; seemingly every day new studies hint at the promise of this very new—or very old, depending on your perspective—natural, plant-based medicine.

That said, getting access to this medicine is another story.

With cannabis legalization caught in a bind between contradictory federal and state laws—and hamstrung by an administration fiercely committed to limiting access—people who could benefit most have to find other, more costly and often illegal means of obtaining cannabis. Such was the case for veterans who found a legal route towards cannabis therapy blocked in the House of Representatives earlier this summer.

The staff here at Haven are grateful to operate in Maryland, a state in which medical cannabis is legal, well-regulated and safe. If you’re interested in becoming a Maryland medical marijuana patient, we want to help. Here are the steps you’ll need to complete to get registered.

4 Steps to Becoming a Maryland Medical Marijuana Patient

Step 1: Get Prepared to Register

The body that administrates cannabis medicine in Maryland is the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). Whether you’re an adult patient aged 18 years or old or the caregiver of someone under 18 years of age, your first step will be to register with the MMCC.

To prepare for the registration process, you’ll need:

  • An electronic copy (scan) of a valid US government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.
  • Proof of a Maryland address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, or rental or mortgage statement.
    Please note: Any non-Maryland resident currently in Maryland for the purpose of receiving medical treatment is eligible to register as a patient and, during registration, will be required to provide the address of and a contact name for the Maryland medical facility where the patient is receiving treatment.
  • An electronic copy of a clear, recent photo. Please note: Instead of a photo, hospice patients may submit a letter from the Attending of Hospice Record (AOHR) provider on hospice letterhead.
  • The last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Step 2: Register with Maryland OneStop

Go to the new patient landing page and click “create account” under the appropriate heading (Patients, Caregivers, etc.). Once your application is complete, you’ll verify it via the email address you used when you registered.

Step 3: Obtain a Written Certification from a Registered Provider

MMCC  updates a list of registered providers  here. After your consultation with one of these approved physicians, he or she will issue a certification using the MMCC-issued Patient ID number you received after successfully registering.

Step 4: Visit a Maryland-Licensed Dispensary

Almost done! Of course, we’d love for you to visit our dispensary, Haven, we will take great care of you!

The dispensary staff will check your MMCC registration card. After verifying your current registration with MMCC, you’ll complete the transaction.

Please note: Patients may only purchase and obtain a maximum of a thirty-day supply of medical cannabis at one time. And a certification that is not used to obtain medical cannabis within 120 days of issuance becomes null and void.

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