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Rose Gold by Culta


Rose Gold by Culta

Rose Gold by Culta is a cross of  Pineapple Express and Moonbow #75 from Archive Seed bank. This batch has a total of 19.09%  cannabinoids with .77 terps. The Rose Gold looks like little pine trees covered in a light dusting of snow.  These buds are dense and nice to the touch. The Rose Gold passes the squeeze test. You can feel they were cured perfectly. The dark forest green tones cover the buds with orange pistils and trichomes. The aroma of Rose Gold is a combination of peaches, grapes, pineapple combined with spicy floral notes.

When I smoked the Rose Gold the first thing I noticed was the fruit fragrance of peach rings. I really enjoyed the vibe the Rose Gold gave me. This is a great midday evening. It’s a perfect strain for its cruiseablity. This strain is also a wonderful choice for creativity. I noticed that the Rose Gold helped me with relieving both fatigue and anxiety. 

The Rose Gold m smooth and relax your mind from simply one hit. Patients have said they felt Body High, Creative, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, and Uplifting after medicating with Rose Gold. The Rose Gold produces flavors of Fruit, Herbal,  and Sweet. You may smell aromas of Fruity, Flowery, Spicy, Sweet, and Woody. If you deal with Chronic Pain, Depression, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, or Stress the Rose Gold by Culta may be a strain for you. 



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