A New Way to Think About MMJ: Cannabis that Doesn’t Get You High

A New Way to Think About MMJ: Cannabis that Doesn’t Get You High

As research unlocks the secrets and potential of medical cannabis, one of the most important side effects may be, well…no side effects! If you follow developments in the world of cannabis, you’ve probably heard or read about CBD, one of the two most important cannabinoids, or “active ingredients” in cannabis.

To some extent, CBD has some of the same effects on our body as does its “cousin,” THC. For instance, both help fight pain in different ways. But there are very many differences between the two, and one of the most important may upend everything you thought you knew about medical cannabis. Because CBD isn’t intoxicating like THC, high-CBD cannabis is cannabis that doesn’t get you high.

Taking Out THC: Cannabis that Doesn’t Get You High

As we’ve written before, many medical cannabis users find cannabis intoxication—the feeling of “being high”—is a distraction. Focusing on the medical benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids lets you achieve just that.

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Cannabis products are typically labeled with a cannabinoid ratio or percentage. It’s a simple and easy way to predict the effects of a particular strain or product. It’s rare you’ll find a cannabis product with no THC whatsoever. Because CBD and THC work synergistically with each other, it’s typically advantageous to have at least some THC present. But once the CBD-to-THC ratio exceeds roughly 8-to-1 (or the percentage of THC drops to the low single digits), THC intoxication will typically feel very mild to nonexistent.

If these high-CBD products don’t make you feel high, that’s not to say there’s no sensation whatsoever. Many users report that even those strains with virtually no THC will produce a very mild “heady” or a “buzzy” quality as opposed to the bludgeoning “velvet hammer” of high-THC strains. Other side effects may include a mild sensation of increased focus and clarity, the very opposite of the stereotypical sedation produced by THC.

Finding High-CBD Cannabis that Doesn’t Get You High

For a while, cannabis producers were testing the limits of cannabis by breeding strains with high THC content. With more research into the benefits of CBD, and more patients seeking out high-CBD strains, however, a new market has opened up and more cultivators are focused on increasing CBD-rich strains.

Because cannabis is an all-natural product, Haven’s stock is in constant rotation based on which products are available (one reason it’s a good idea to use our online menu to purchase products for pickup). But when you see items with a high CBD percentage, such as the ACDC and GSC strains, you’ll know they focus on the non-intoxicating medicinal benefits of CBD as opposed to THC.

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There’s an even easier way to access the benefits of high-CBD cannabis: Just ask us! We’re always more than happy to schedule a consultation with you for any reason whatsoever. We can help guide you towards the products best suited to your personal needs and goals, and help you find the cannabis medicine that’s right for you. We’re here to help!

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